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Making data beautiful

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Data Sourcing
Data Consolidation
Data Visualisation

We can get data from anywhere

Irrespective of the source (internal or external) data.vu can collect your data. Whether it’s on the web, on a search engine, available through an API or even a spreadsheet. We can collect and interpret it.

Structuring your data against your business objectives

We structure, clean, normalise, map and pre-process your data to get it into a workable condition. Properly preparing the data enables you to get sharper and faster insights.

Provide management with the tools to drive success

We present your key business drivers in easy to digest reports, visualisations and dashboards. All updated daily with performance measured against business plans or benchmarked to competitor or industry standards.

We are the experts in driving data powered business insight

We work with a range of businesses to help ensure that key decisions are supported by hard facts and empirical evidence. We enable companies to maximise their assets and drive incremental sales, profitability and ROI

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Our key services include:

We work with some big name clients, including...

"Created e-commerce reporting dashboard to give total control over our product marketing."
- Kiddicare
"Enabled Starcom to get incredibly deep insight into the UK Credit Card market to track Issues, APRs and ranks for their clients."
- Starcom
"By blending data many sources we enhanced the product content and power of both the affiliate and Google PLA channels. Drove substantial growth in traffic and lower acquisition costs."
- Figleaves

We've developed some innovative products

  • CreditCardVu

    Daily analysis of the UK credit card market allowing tracking of cards, APR rates and listings on key affiliate sites
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  • VoucherVu

    Track vouchers and offers from key competitors and across an industry on a daily basis with updates via email, text or web portal
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